Funky Songs This Month!

Well, lastly I often listen to local music, I mean Indonesian Music. Our musicians keep improving their music, so its quality turns to be better. The music videos are better too, from the resolution to the story line :D. I’m really proud of that.

But, do you know Michelle Lee? I don’t know her before, if she was one of the Kpop Star Season 1 contestant. She joined YG Ent. and would debut but it was failed, so she moved to DIMA Ent. But last month, she released her debut album, Without You. And I don’t know why I was so interested, and finally listened to her songs. In my opinion, her song is really easy-listening, I loveeeee it <3. Her vocal is powerful and unique.

Then, I’m in love with Some by JungGigo and Sistar’s Soyou. Very impressive song 🙂 Can’t Stop by CNBlue is very recommended too! Also don’t forget to listen Confession by Standing Egg~ Happy Listening Guys :*

Without You (Michelle Lee)

Some (JungGigo and Soyou)

Can’t Stop (CNBlue)

Confession (Standing Egg)

Note : SM The Ballad Vol.2 “Breath” Album is recommended too if you like very mellow songs 🙂


A Year Passes So Fast

Hello. Bonjour. Annyeonghaseyo. Konnichiwa. Hi guys! How’s your day? Emm, I’m just so so and nothing special happens. You should know that now emm I’m writing so hard because I’m using portable keyboard from unpopular brand, and it is so difficult to press. *look at my hands*.

Some news from korean drama also dorama land~ Wohoo. Also not forgotten from kpop land too ^^.

First. Have you watched Itazura na Kiss~Love in Tokyo Episode 12 Preview?

What’s your opinion? I’m so sad because only 4 episodes are remaining. And I know from Yuki Furukawa Weibo Interview that the shooting is almost end. I hope that the ending will be DAEBAK. I have a high expectation. Fiuh~.

Second. What’s about Gu Family Book/Kang Chi, The Beginning?

I follow the drama so far. This week the 21st and 22nd episodes were airing. Yeah, Seo Hwa and Wol Ryung finally meet again, but unfortunately they meet to be apart. Seo Hwa kills herself to atone for her sins to Wol Ryung, and the rest of those episodes can be watched by yourself hehehe.

I didn’t share the preview of this drama like I promised a few months ago, because of I was quite busy.

Third. 2PM’s Repackage Album.

Yeah! I’m a newest fan of Junho~ 2PM released a repackage album of Grown which contains around 10 songs of each member ^^.

I think that’s all. I can’t write a lot this afternoon. Annyeong~

[MV] SE7EN – THANK U (고마워)

Hello guys, ah this is my last holiday :(. Tomorrow, I will go to school again hahaha.

All of you know that Se7en oppa will enter military service today, right? But, he still says goodbye fans by reveal a music video Thank U“.

Se7en also revealed the Japanese version “Arigatou” in Japan before returning to Korea and performing the Korean version at his concert.

You can feel his love for all of his fans through the music video that will warm your heart. He personally wrote and composed the song, one portion of which says, “Although I can’t express all my heart in words, I will deliver this message as I sing this song, thank you so much, these are the words I wanted to say.”

“You can leave me if I ever disappoint you. But I will never disappoint my fans.” -Se7en

Source : OfficialSe7en

A Song For You from 2PM – Nichkhun’s “Be Alright”

You know that I’m Hottest and I love Nichkhun oppa so much after watching We Got Married with Victoria unni as his couple. And they are so cute and I surely support them become a real couple ><.

So this is A Song For You from 2 PM, a show where a fan requests a song and they will sing for you :). For futher information just go to kbsworld channel on youtube *likepromoting* LOL.

Source : kbsworld