A Letter for You,My Friends

Dear all of my lovely friends whom I love so much.

Hi all, I am so sad these days, it is like I can feel what you feel now. I know it is hard, I imagine what should I do if I am in your place. Perhaps, I can’t bear those burdens well.
What I always believe is God will take us to a better and more beautiful way. God knows what’s best for us than our own self. This thing is easy to say, but hard to do. Yeah. Your mental is absolutely down.
But I apologize, I just can cheer you up and support you by words and less meaning action, like go to your home. I can’t do further than that.
I know the burden on your shoulders, to make your parents be proud of you and promise them a bright future, for you and for them. In their opinion, entering a state university is better, yeah they are more trusted, and the job seeker will trust your skill easily. But who knows that the path which you are on now is the God’s beautiful plan for you.
Keep fighting and praying. Keep your spirit and don’t give up. You may feel sad, but don’t ever think that this is your ending. Your way is still so long, so do I. Give your best to life, because it just happens once.