Anime! アニメ! Hotarubi no Mori e 蛍火の杜へ

In english: Into the Forest of Fireflies’ Light. Yapz, I suddenly like anime. But actually, before I am into korea, I love japan first. Do you know Conan? Naruto? Inuyasha? and others anime? I love those~ Conan makes me so interested, Shinichi Kudo is so cool and smart :D. Then Naruto, I like this anime too. Naruto isn’t just full of fighting but full of messages too :). About life, family, friendship, and love. But don’t ask me about Dragon Ball and One Piece. In my opinion those are so weird hehe.

Okay, this week I watch this anime because someone recommended me. So, I downloaded it and found it with indonesia subtitle. So lazy to translate ^^. Hotarubi no Mori e is from manga with same title.  The genre is romance shoujou. The story is about Takegawa Hotaru, a six years old little girl who gets lost in an enchanted forest where apparitions reside. A young boy, Gin, appears before Hotaru, but she cannot touch him for fear of making him disappear.

Hotaru is always waiting for summer. Because, she can go to her uncle’s house and meet Gin. Until Hotaru is in senior high school, they always meet in mountain. Gin is always waiting for Hotaru too. But, on that day, after summer festival, something happens. The ending for me is so sad and mellow 😦 Just can’t imagine how Hotaru doesn’t touch Gin for almost 10 years?





You can download it here


To Build A Relationship is Hard, But Break It is Easy

Why I choose that title? I’ll explain you in Bahasa 🙂

Well, beberapa hari ini aku memikirkan sesuatu. Bukan hanya beberapa hari ini, tetapi sudah beberapa bulan ini (mungkin). That something is about RELATIONSHIP. No, this isn’t just about “boy and girl” but about friendship too. Everything around you.

I think that everyone agree with my statement that untuk membangun suatu hubungan yang benar-benar kokoh dan saling mempercayai itu sangat susah. I mean here “THE REAL RELATIONSHIP” not just we laugh together, but we cry together too. I am so sorry for using formal language, karena aku nggak suka posting dalam bahasa yang non-formal, terkesan nggak rapi dan nggak enak dibaca.

But to break it is too easy, right. Mungkin hanya dengan kesalahpahaman kecil dalam waktu beberapa menit sudah bisa merusak suatu hubungan.-It is about FRIENDSHIP-

-This is about “Boy and Girl-

Aku nggak akan memberi many comments here, I just wanna share what I think. Ketika kamu berada dalam suatu hubungan dengan seseorang yang opposite sex pasti kamu bilang sangat menyayangi, kalau tidak ada kamu pasti dunia ini akan sepi dan sebagainya. Dan bagaimana kamu sangat bergantung pada mereka.

Begitu juga jika kamu mempunyai sahabat yang opposite sex pasti juga akan saling perhatian, saling menyayangi, dan sebagainya.

But, kalau hubungan kalian itu rusak, atau kalian putus, pasti akan saling tidak mengenal, saling tidak menyapa, saling tidak perhatian, dan tiba-tiba menghilang.

Aku bingung kenapa orang yang kamu sangat sayangi menjadi orang yang kamu sangat benci di kemudian hari.

Oke, aku memang belum pernah mengalami hal semacam ini, meskipun pernah mengalami, I never hate that someone.

Maybe there is someone outside that will give comment ?