Seriously, I’m gonna cry while writing this post. I really love my class, SCRE4AM. Science Four Team. I had posted a picture of my class together a year ago, after we won football match in my school, and became a champion.

This class, that I love so much have been saving so many memories of us. Me and my friends. Sad, shameful, tragic, happy, exciting, and many more. I even can’t describe it by words.


It was taken on January 2013 when we were in Bali for study tour. Time flies so fast 😥

Only by seeing a photo, we can know that many stories are saved there. Even the saddest memory could be meaningful.

The another 35 students who had taught me about what friendship is, about how to interact with others, how to laugh and smile, how to find our happiness. Thanks for everything 🙂

At first I didn’t expect that this class would be -the class that I love the most- because when I entered the class for the first time, I found the students were so crazy and funny. And, I’m a serious girl who didn’t like to kid. But time flies yet teaches me, joking is needed to refresh our mind. Hehehe. Of course, we should know the time when to joke or be serious.




These Two Years Have Passed Beautifully for Me.

Whether Bad or Good Memory, It’s Still Memorable.