My very first post on 2015, yeah! It’s been a while since I created this blog. My aim was to share what I love, that is about Korea because I do love it. My viewers increased day by day but since I rarely post about something interesting, I think my viewers are decreasing lol, but I hope it will increase again :). My aim for creating this blog was not to have a lot of viewers, yet I just want to write what I feel, both exciting and sad things.

This posting will be a lil bit cheesy since I will express about what I feel about friendship. Huh, I guess I wrote a lot about friendship, why? Because for me it is a kinf of relationship that can’t be expected. It can be randomly changed and moved. I never really believe my friends, but since years ago, I think, I started to believe my friends.






Some people are not included on those photos, I consider them as my friends. And I think, I don’t really care whether they consider me as close friend or best friend. I know they care to me and it is enough. I know they don’t leave me when I am suffering. I love you all and I trust you.

I miss you guys, really miss you. I wish I could turn back the time, when we were in high school and could share our laugh. Even I know probably most of you don’t want to go back haha. I miss our quality time, when we can plan and go together easily without have to find the exact time, mostly one of us can’t join, because the different schedule. We are growing up and people say we couldn’t share jokes which are not important or do fool and weird things. But, since we are friends, I think we can. Thanks for fulfilling my days these years. Meet and know you all is one of things in this world that I should be really grateful for, until now.

We go to different paths now, half of us start to find another life, which is more exciting. Find new friends and new life. Unconsicously leaving the others, start to change the priority among the friendship. No problem, I will try to accept it, because of my belief that people change, maybe I change too eventhough I don’t realize it. But I wish that although now you guys are not the same as the past, you guys can still remember firendship that we had, we have, and hopefully we will have until forever.