What am I Thinking about Reply 1988’s Ending

Good evening, fellas! Do you still remember that I wrote a post about Deok Seon’s future husband? So now, I want to express what am I thinking about taht. Eventhough, I said that I was gonna let it flow because I liked both Jung Hwan and Taek.

But,behind that.

Actually, I am kinda…uh…no…absolutely disappointed. Sorry because I change my mind. Not so sudden because I already admitted that I am in #teamjunghwan (means until now). There are so many things I can’t accept (sorry again, because this is not based on empirical thing, because I haven’t watched the last episode).

First, Deok Seon -based on my personal thought never shows off her “love” to Taek. In this opinion, I think Deok Seon sees Taek as a “lovely friend -cute friend, I mean. The one whom you can play with because he has kind heart.

Second, this makes me laugh so hard (not literally). BECAUSE IT THINK, THEY CHOSE THE WRONG ACTOR TO PLAY AS ADULT TAEK. His face changes at all. I-can-see-the-reflection-of-taek-, reverse, I SEE JUNGHWAN’S REFLECTION. Even, he wears air force jacket :).

Third, Junghwan is definitely a joke. How come a main actor turns out to be …lets say…cameo. From the very first episode, we know that, Junghwan has the strongest chemistry to Deok Seon. He also cares for Deok Seon, the only thing he doesn’t do is…he never expresses his feeling. He is too afraid. Taek just…has a brave, but he has never done something for Deok Seon, she is the one who always be the “pain killer” for Taek.

In the end, I just consider Reply 1988 until 16th episode. I want to end it there. And fyi, I have deleted all episodes of this drama. I need time for breath for accepting this all, enough for me for hating thi series. Only reply 1997 makes me satisfied, even haven’t watched reply 1994.



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