Funky Songs This Month!

Well, lastly I often listen to local music, I mean Indonesian Music. Our musicians keep improving their music, so its quality turns to be better. The music videos are better too, from the resolution to the story line :D. I’m really proud of that.

But, do you know Michelle Lee? I don’t know her before, if she was one of the Kpop Star Season 1 contestant. She joined YG Ent. and would debut but it was failed, so she moved to DIMA Ent. But last month, she released her debut album, Without You. And I don’t know why I was so interested, and finally listened to her songs. In my opinion, her song is really easy-listening, I loveeeee it <3. Her vocal is powerful and unique.

Then, I’m in love with Some by JungGigo and Sistar’s Soyou. Very impressive song 🙂 Can’t Stop by CNBlue is very recommended too! Also don’t forget to listen Confession by Standing Egg~ Happy Listening Guys :*

Without You (Michelle Lee)

Some (JungGigo and Soyou)

Can’t Stop (CNBlue)

Confession (Standing Egg)

Note : SM The Ballad Vol.2 “Breath” Album is recommended too if you like very mellow songs 🙂