I’m in difficult situation :/… I have to make my decision now~ and some dream high’s quotes (still as my inspiration) so energize me.

Actually there is no wrong decision, so you should decide with your heart and also think through your decision properly. And you know, because it’s hard, why it’s called choosing lol.

But the key is don’t regret after making your choice also how to prove to yourself that you made the right choice. How to turn that 50% to be 100%.


Dream High Quotes

“Don’t you think it’s interesting that every time you meet a person, you can’t predict whether this person will become your enemy or your friend? I think that is why all encounters make your heart flutter.” – Sam Dong

“When the victory isn’t applauded by their friends, at times when they are happy and they can’t even smile, their hearts have already become empty.” – Sam Dong

“Mendengar temanku merendahkanku, aku langsung sadar, jadi aku berusaha lebih keras lagi. Terimakasih karena sudah merendahkanku.”

”Jalan pelan-pelan akan mendapatkan hasil yang lebih banyak, dari pada yang jalan lebih cepat.”

“Sometimes there are obstacles on your way to your dreams and sometimes the obstacles become bridges leading to your dreams.”

“When a day passes it will become yesterday’s news; when that day passes it will be the day before yesterday’s news and after one year, no one will remember anything anymore.” – Hye Mi

“Do you know what is more important than friends in this place? A rival — one you want to knock down. Because that’s what’ll spur you to grow. “ – Baek Hee

“Those who have no power to dream, have no power to live.” -E. Toiler

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