Well, how are you my lovely readers xD. I wish you always be happy :). Yeah, I’m enjoying my free days for a while, it’s quite amazing I can get it. As you all know, I’m now in third grade of senior high school, and in a month I will have my national exam. It’s on 14 April-16 April 2014. I’ve just done my second try out, and the third try out will be on next week. I was quite upset when my first try out result out, it was far than my goal. So, I’m studying harder, and yeah keep praying fiuh. I have to get the best national exam result. Amin.

Also in this year, I will enter university. When I was child, I wanted to become a pediatrician. Because in my country, there are so many children who can’t get good medical treatment. And I’m grateful that my parents always give me the best in everything. But now, I don’t know why I want to be an ambassador, yeah travel around the world! :). So, I choose International Relation major. The alternative is being a dentist. I hope I can be accepted :).

That’s a news from me, thanks for reading! ^^

Stay Happy, Everyone~