[MV] SE7EN – THANK U (고마워)

Hello guys, ah this is my last holiday :(. Tomorrow, I will go to school again hahaha.

All of you know that Se7en oppa will enter military service today, right? But, he still says goodbye fans by reveal a music video Thank U“.

Se7en also revealed the Japanese version “Arigatou” in Japan before returning to Korea and performing the Korean version at his concert.

You can feel his love for all of his fans through the music video that will warm your heart. He personally wrote and composed the song, one portion of which says, “Although I can’t express all my heart in words, I will deliver this message as I sing this song, thank you so much, these are the words I wanted to say.”

“You can leave me if I ever disappoint you. But I will never disappoint my fans.” -Se7en

Source : OfficialSe7en