A Bright Monday Morning. Diet Program.

I know it is not morning now. And actually, my monday morning was not bright. Ya, just write a title that I like. Well, one week after my last story and still this one is a self story too. Maybe. I am studying civics now and blogging? Hahaha. Little crazy.

You know 2PM’s comeback? B1A4’s comeback? And Yesung’s departure to military service? Today’s hot news! I think. Yesterday, I watched “Comeback When You Hear This Song” trailer and good voice! Love it! I am real hottest ><. Yeah, usually 2PM produces dance pop songs, but now it is not only a dance pop song, they issues their melodious voice too! Not as melodious as 2AM, but we can’t compare it uh?



Diet Program. Yes. I am just eating oatmeal, wholegrain bread, and brown rice. Also I should control my calories. I just feel that my body is just so heavy :(.

ImageSleep Well ^^