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김필 (Kim Feel) – 응답하라 1988 (Reply 1988) tvN 드라마 (tvN Drama) OST – Part.1

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이적 (Lee Juck) – 응답하라 1988 (Reply 1988) tvN 드라마 (tvN Drama) OST – Part.2

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오혁 (Hyukk Oh) – 응답하라 1988 (Reply 1988) tvN 드라마 (tvN Drama) OST – Part.3

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박보람 (Park Boram) – 응답하라 1988 (Reply 1988) tvN 드라마 (tvN Drama) OST – Part.4

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디셈버 (December) – 응답하라 1988 (Reply 1988) tvN 드라마 (tvN Drama) OST – Part.5

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와블 (WABLE) – 응답하라 1988 (Reply 1988) tvN 드라마 (tvN Drama) OST – Part.6

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노을 (Noel) – 응답하라 1988 (Reply 1988) tvN 드라마 (tvN Drama) OST – Part.7

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소진 [걸스데이] (Sojin (Girl’s Day)) – 응답하라 1988 (Reply 1988) tvN 드라마 (tvN Drama) OST – Part.8

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기현 (Kihyun) – 응답하라 1988 (Reply 1988) tvN 드라마 (tvN Drama) OST – Part.9

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여은 (멜로디데이) (Yeo Eun (MelodyDay)) – 응답하라 1988 (Reply 1988) tvN 드라마 (tvN Drama) OST – Part.10

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앤씨아 (NC.A) – 응답하라 1988 (Reply 1988) tvN 드라마 (tvN Drama) OST – Part.11

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Various Artists – 응답하라 1988 (Reply 1988) tvN 드라마 (tvN Drama) OST

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What am I Thinking about Reply 1988’s Ending

Good evening, fellas! Do you still remember that I wrote a post about Deok Seon’s future husband? So now, I want to express what am I thinking about taht. Eventhough, I said that I was gonna let it flow because I liked both Jung Hwan and Taek.

But,behind that.

Actually, I am kinda…uh…no…absolutely disappointed. Sorry because I change my mind. Not so sudden because I already admitted that I am in #teamjunghwan (means until now). There are so many things I can’t accept (sorry again, because this is not based on empirical thing, because I haven’t watched the last episode).

First, Deok Seon -based on my personal thought never shows off her “love” to Taek. In this opinion, I think Deok Seon sees Taek as a “lovely friend -cute friend, I mean. The one whom you can play with because he has kind heart.

Second, this makes me laugh so hard (not literally). BECAUSE IT THINK, THEY CHOSE THE WRONG ACTOR TO PLAY AS ADULT TAEK. His face changes at all. I-can-see-the-reflection-of-taek-, reverse, I SEE JUNGHWAN’S REFLECTION. Even, he wears air force jacket :).

Third, Junghwan is definitely a joke. How come a main actor turns out to be …lets say…cameo. From the very first episode, we know that, Junghwan has the strongest chemistry to Deok Seon. He also cares for Deok Seon, the only thing he doesn’t do is…he never expresses his feeling. He is too afraid. Taek just…has a brave, but he has never done something for Deok Seon, she is the one who always be the “pain killer” for Taek.

In the end, I just consider Reply 1988 until 16th episode. I want to end it there. And fyi, I have deleted all episodes of this drama. I need time for breath for accepting this all, enough for me for hating thi series. Only reply 1997 makes me satisfied, even haven’t watched reply 1994.



Holla! I am in the middle of holiday right now~ So, what content that I will post here? It is REPLY 1988! If you have been watching this drama from the very beginning until now, you will absolutely know why it becomes a hot topic, right? Like the another Reply 0r Answer Me drama(s) [I haven’t watched Reply 1994, but I really love Reply 1997], an annoying issue is who is the female lead’s future husband, that we will know in last episode. I even remember when I waited for 16th episode of Reply 1997, I was really curious like I could bite some people, and when the preview released, I was like OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG, MY SHIP SAILED! Now, move to Reply 1988, I should make it straight that I am in #TEAMJUNGHWAN (eventhough at first I thought “omg, is it the real male lead?” HAHAHA), but as I watch it every week, my mind changes “Ryu has a unique and cute face”.

Why I like even love Reply or Answer Me drama(s)? Because, it has a detailed plot that really happens in daily life. It is not only about love, but about out closest circumstances like best friend, school, family, even neighborhood. This series is not like let’s say, a love story when someone suddenly comes to our life and we will love each other deeply. Beside that, Reply shows us many phenomenons that happen in that year, such as we can see first generation of idol group, pager, etc. in 1997 or coal bricket, beeper, etc. in 1988. I don’t know whether are those the real things or not since I am not from Korea, but at least it can reflect those periods daily life. Actually, it will be a very long explanation if I should tell you why I like this series. One important highlight of Reply 1988 is we can see neighborhood-ness (?) and family issue here. How every family member should care each other, also how every neighbor can care each other too even they have different economy capability. Don’t hope for any kiss scene or something like that because the storyline doesn’t show us romanticism like other drama (even there is no kiss scene between lead actors s far, except kiss scenes between Seon Woo and Bo Ra and Taek’s dream about Deoksun). But, this is the best drama for me in 2015 beside School 2015: Who are You, maybe I should watch Reply 1994 too! 

Hopefully my ship will sail, not like Tae Kwang and Eun Bi :”

This is not an analytical post about who is deok sun’s future husband because I will let it go, I like both Junghwan and Taek eventhough Junghwan is better for Deok Sun. So you can check the scoreboard for every candidate in DramaFever.