Uncreative Post

It’s been so many days since I posted something here. And I just realize that I was often post about friendship, because I thought that it was the main issue of myself a few months ago :). So now, I am third term student! Yeah, okay let me interpret myself, am I really get into this major or I am just flowing with what is happening in my life. Absolutely don’t know.

I am in the middle of writing my paperwork(s). There are so many! Believe me, and I haven’t done one of five papers, lol, #givemesomestrengths. In few next days, we will welcome new year. Oh my God, it is so fast how a year just passes like the wind. Many resolutions of mine for next year, and I am also gonna turn to be 19, I am growing older yeah :(. Some major resolutions are I want to be accepted in a scholarship or an exchange program, also I want to run my own business too. Wish me luck.

I really don’t know, how my academic report will show off this term, because this term is different from previous terms -when I studied and did my tasks all of the time. I am more often to go here and there (organization business -to widen my connections). I hope my academic report will not be that different from before, still come out like my expectations. Amin.

In the end of this post, be happy guys :)! I hope I can finish these paperwork(s) before my exam week (which is next week) comes huhu :”. Kisseu :*


Into The New World

No, no it is not Girls’ Generation’s song. In this post, I will talk about “a new world” for me, I mean the next world that I’ll step on. I am a-college-student-soon-to-be, and I know that college life will not be easy even more complicated than high school life. Yeah, every step in our life must be harder, right? That’s life.

I went to a high school near my home. My high school life was very fun although there were many problems happened around me and my friends, but it made me learn many lessons. Some lessons those aren’t taught in formal school. So, will my college life be more complicated? Hahaha. I found a lot of friends when I was in senior high school that I didn’t know before. They were from many schools in Semarang also other cities. I was a cold girl, I didn’t care about friendship because I believed they will come to us if they are fated to be our friends haha. But my opinion about that changed after I got into 11th grade. We should seek our friends, friendship is made. Yeah there is a fated friendship too, but maybe you should wait a long time for it. Also I realized that I was too quiet and conceited in front of them, oh my god that was because I was too shy to interact with others.

As I’ll get into a university which is far from my city, it takes 3 hours to go there, I know that I should adapt again with so many people from many areas in Indonesia. I should live far from my family. I should adapt with the lesson and tasks. I should adapt with the environment where I’m living in. And etc etc. There are no my friends, I should make a friendship again. It would be different if I chose a university in my city, I would meet my previous friends again, should not live far from my family, and should not adapt with the environment, maybe just with the lessons and tasks. But I don’t regret, em there is a little, since my mother says it is needed to make me more mature than now. I’m being so mellow nowadays, imagining how will I live far from my family, and what if I have no friends there. It makes me afraid for sure. But I also believe that a better life is waiting for me. Everyone must have experienced this way too, right? So, I’ll overcome my fears and face everything in front of me.