A Night to Remember

It was really a night that should be remembered. Like what I said before, all memories that we have. I took some pictures with my friends, but unfortunately I came a little bit late so yeah, I couldn’t take much pics :”(. But here are some that I have! πŸ™‚

8015with Dian Puspitasari, a very talkative yet lovely friend! :p

8018I looked so chubby yeah :(, my LOVELY CLASSMATES ❀

8010with Dian Ardiningrum, a very wise girl and my best friend, WW

I hope we can hang out together as soon as possible, after you guys do your test and I finish my registration. ❀ love you guys!

See you on next post and I will show you my annual book πŸ™‚


Yo Fighting!

As you all know, since last July I’ve been a last year student in senior high school. That means I should be ready for many tasks that come to my life *cry*. So, I can’t update for a long time probably until next April. Because, on April I’ll take my national exam, and that’s the main goal for senior high school student. But my dramatic life will not stop there, I should wait for the college confirmation after I apply my 1st-5th term score, it will be chosen from all score in Indonesia. I wish 2014 will be a better year for me! :).

To raise my spirit, I made a picture. I photoshop-ed it and the result is nor good or bad mihehe :p.

MADE copy



Hi! It’s almost 2 weeks after my last posting. I am so busy because of tasks and tests :)!Β  Beside that, I want to focus on my study, so honestly I will rarely update. But, I’m quite happy too because finally I can do everything better.

A little story from me that two months later I will do a final test, there are so many tests in Indonesia :(. And on July I will be a third year student, it means next year I will have a national exam! The scariest exam in Indonesia hahaha. It is because most of people think that our fate will be defined by this national exam although we’ve studied forΒ  3 years.

I study at public school or state school. In Indonesia, public school is more prominent than private school. Nonetheless, some public schools in here using English as main language for some subjects, especially science and mathematics.

Okay, I’m sorry that this posting is about myself. I wanna write what happened lately. But of course, I keep update about kdrama and kpop. Now, I am watching Gu Family Book that I wrote before, and about kpop I am in love with Infinite! Yeah just become an Inspirit x)! Hoya Hoya <3. Their new song is just so easy listening and lovely *_*. Beside that, I found some good songs, do you know Crying-Heo Young Sae? I recommend you to listen this one. Then, The Romantic OST I Know You Are My Love-Navi? What a great ballad-beat song (my own term)! This week I download so many music videos and albums, my internet speed is so fast so yeah I’m excited lol.

If there is a happy thing, there is a bad thing too, right? Yeah, I’m confused now. I have a task to make a scientific journal and I can’t get any idea :(. I want to use a household waste to make something useful. The problem is what thing should I use?!

This month is really awesome in my opinion, I get so many lessons about life and friendship. Me and my friends just become closer and closer, we share everything, we laugh together, and we hang out together. A high school life! Xoxo. And we talk about our characters, good and bad. My friends say that I am really an ice! Hahahaha. Just like Jessica Jung from SNSD? Hahahaha. Actually I am not ice and I really care to others yet I’m too shy and don’t like to waste my time for unimportant thing hehe. Too much kidding isn’t good, right?

I think enough story from me πŸ™‚ -Jasmine-