Uncreative Post

It’s been so many days since I posted something here. And I just realize that I was often post about friendship, because I thought that it was the main issue of myself a few months ago :). So now, I am third term student! Yeah, okay let me interpret myself, am I really get into this major or I am just flowing with what is happening in my life. Absolutely don’t know.

I am in the middle of writing my paperwork(s). There are so many! Believe me, and I haven’t done one of five papers, lol, #givemesomestrengths. In few next days, we will welcome new year. Oh my God, it is so fast how a year just passes like the wind. Many resolutions of mine for next year, and I am also gonna turn to be 19, I am growing older yeah :(. Some major resolutions are I want to be accepted in a scholarship or an exchange program, also I want to run my own business too. Wish me luck.

I really don’t know, how my academic report will show off this term, because this term is different from previous terms -when I studied and did my tasks all of the time. I am more often to go here and there (organization business -to widen my connections). I hope my academic report will not be that different from before, still come out like my expectations. Amin.

In the end of this post, be happy guys :)! I hope I can finish these paperwork(s) before my exam week (which is next week) comes huhu :”. Kisseu :*