My Mind is Clogged (?)

Do I choose a right title? Lolz. I’m not sure with that title. Heard and looked strange!

Why do I choose that title? Okay, I know that I always express my reasons about something when I post. My English isn’t too good, right?

First, now in school my Information, Communication, and Technology lesson is about “blogging”. My teacher teaches us about how to make blog, how to add audio, video, picture, and so on so on. Also add some widgets! And this afternoon, we learned about how to add page -_-. Okay I don’t want to be big-headed but I had made a blog since a year ago, so I had added pages, pictures, videos, etc. Hehehe. I feel like I’m having fun when I’m learning. The funny part is when my friends are adding those things, I just like em em em and I can relax xoxoxo.

But, now I am confused! What page I will add?! Is there any suggestions?

Second, I wanna tell you something. I want to be more fluent in speaking, writing, and listening English. I have been trying.

When I read a post in English and I dunno the meaning, I always go to Google translate, and collect those words until so many. But, why I can’t remember it so fast? Huh~

Hehehe I will ask you for some suggestions again. How to remember new words quickly?


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