A Very Awesome and Fantastic Trip!

Good Evening Guys! ~~~ Hi,Hi….. How Are You Today?

Until today, I still can’t choose an-interesting-title. I mean the one that very super. Have you known what I mean with that title? About my trip to Malaysia and Singapore. My first time go to abroad :D. And it was very fantastic! Heard so kam to the pu to the ngan, alias kampungan but no problem~~

Of course if you asked me which one more interesting, you would know the answer before I answer, right? The answer is Singapore. Unfortunately, I enjoyed Malaysia more than Singapore or just similar. I hate my second day in Singapore, yeah we was taking a walk around this country, but it made me so tired TT_TT. My legs were so okay, but ask me about my shoulders and I would scream! It was so sick for sure. I brought (or we) too many. Cause we had to bring our clothes beside uniform that we wore. One point : heavy.

And with those heavy things -_- we took a walk around Sentosa Island. First, we visited Shelton College, then Orchad Road (well, orchad with uniform, can you imagine that?) –> I bought H & M :)), next is Nanyang Technological of University, Harbour Front to go to Universal Studio by monorail, Merlion (the big one), after that Song of The Sea (it was so spectacular), National Geographic, the last one is we go to Mustafa Centre by MRT.

Mustafa is like Bugis or something like that, but cause I had been tired so I was so lazy to buy at least just one thing. What is cheaper here than Bugis is snacks! So, i just accompanied my friend looking for perfumes. My mind was just thinking of HOTEL AND BED. Packing? Ah whatever! Hoho.

We reached our hotel and my bed, and laying on the bed, Next of course is sleeping~~~.

This is so incomplete story, so just stay reading my blog yeah xoxo :)!


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