Sad? I Apologize!

First, I am sorry. So sorry, I can’t fulfill my promise yet. Promise? Yeah, for updating about Flower Boy Next Door. Okay, 4th episode? Not too bad right hehehehe.

I am very very busy, but maybe not as busy as the others. -_- I am in a situation when I go to school, but not for studying, I always busy in my organization :/ *how about my subject*. I don’t want my score will drop so far, like my resolution this year, I should make it increases, not decrease! These 2 days are enough to leave my school ~_~. I am also worry about my relationship with my friend, now it is so seldom to meet them, both my classmates or bestfriends.

But, I am happy. Why? Because I can get many things that my friends who don’t join organization get :p. I can know how to solve a problem, how to make an interaction with many people, and so on. Our project now is SMAPA LEAGUE 2013. It is a football tournament for 4 senior high school students. This is going to be so fun! But, I will always go home so late. This time, I go home at 4 o’clock p.m., it is a good thing! Cause I always go home at 6 0’clock :(.

Well, I will keep my promise, so don’t miss preview that I share.

One more thing -> I MISS SOMEONE! 😀

Enough for my story telling time, :). Enjoy your day~~



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