I am going to be crazy!

Wussssssh~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I have so so so so so many things to do! Pheeeew :3 (old emoticon). Really, this makes me going to be crazy. My research is almost done, yeah. Just finishing and I can upload it to the website. Tomorrow is the time! Wish me luck!

Not just it, my school’s birthday also makes me so frustrated. Tomorrow (yeah tomorrow, wish I have 2 bodies haha), I will collect a lot of money! Mehrong.

Okay, don’t continue this story u,u. I’m gonna talk about Flower Boy Next Door. Sadly, on the first episode, I couldn’t watch it because of like what I was talking about. All of these  things. I hope the drama will be like everyone’s hope. I will give you some posts and updates about Flower Boy Next Door, because I’ve promised that I will be watching this drama. Maybe, the updates will be a little late. 🙂

Ah ya, this Thursday I will go to Bali for study trip with my school. It must be a fun trip! Must, must, must! On Monday I will have arrived at Semarang. Then, on Wednesday my school will hold an event, it is a birthday event, that never be celebrated before. J-World, the name of this event. Success!

Then, emm…okay I have no concentration now -_-. Well, I run out of words. Singapore, singapore, wait for me this 21st January :D. A lot of trips. Yeaaaaaaay!



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