Goodbye 2012, Welcome 2013. Resolutions.

2012. It was a great year for me. Okay, don’t remind me if this post is so late. Cause, I’ve known about that. lol.

2012. I’ve passed so many great, new, unusual, and unique things. I felt the life of senior high school. That’s the point.

In 2012, I was looking for myself. Who am I. Did everything with my best friends, sometimes we were happy, sometimes we had so many problems, and showed bad-mood face, and so on. Do you know how did we solve the problems? Eating! Hahaha, heard weird, but we just ate “mie ayam-chicken noodles”.

Not just about friendship, about high school life. Emm, it was so funny! I tried a lot of new things. Unfortunately, some things made me feel sad. Was it my fault? I am not sure at all. :p

2012. Aaaaaa, tried to be a business girl (?) Yeah, I sold shoes, wahahaha I was so happy, it gave me a lot of money! I could earn my own money!

2012. I had good score :). I like the money that is given for us (like scholarship, but in money form). I wish I can keep it. Amin

2012. I am so grateful to God who always gives me a lot of luck.

Honestly, I never have resolutions until now. 15-years-old. Because I think have resolutions just restrict us. Yet, on 2013, may be I should try to have.

So these are my resolutions:

  • Be a better person.
  • Make my dream becomes real!
  • Will always full of happiness and luck.
  • Can make people around me feel happy too.
  • Find a job! So I can earn my own money.
  • Keep my good score. Improve it too.
  • Do useful things for my parents, my family, and the others.
  • Make my english more fluently. Vocabulary-grammar. Speaking-listening-writing-and-collect new words.

Old-fashioned? Yeah, still those are my resolutions and I want to make it real 😀

557122_486967451346094_1794801325_n 544007_558229684205321_1281648205_n

Happy New Year Everyone. Wish 2013 be a good year for us.


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