I was watching Khuntoria couple on WGM. The episode when 2 PM members come to their house, and haha, Khuntoria fails to make special lunch for them. I love 2 PM members! Surely. They are so lovely, Taecyeon is so talkative, Wooyoung and Junsu are funny and nosy, Junho who are em may be quiet but so charismatic (it is what Victoria unni says), Chansung, the magnae, who are handsome and so sweet 🙂 and absolutely Nichkhun is handsome too, and also kind. 2 PM members are close each other, I love watching them, how they express their concern. I love the way they do that!

This is me speak in Bahasa. Just realize that…

Anggota grup idola seperti mereka itu juga adalah orang biasa yang menjalani hidup seperti kita. Maksudku, dalam arti tingkah laku, dan em, hard to explain. You just should watch some variety shows, and you will know what I mean. Yeah they read the script for show indeed, but sometimes our behavior just appears naturally right?

This is just my opinion.


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