Look at My Stats!

After looking or learning (?) at my blog stats, I realize that most of my blog visitors view similar topics, just around iqbal coboy junior, emir mahira, love in paris, reply 1997, and what does make me so surprise is missing you becomes one of the most popular topic. Hmm, I guess now there are so many Indonesian kdrama lovers that is watching missing you, right? Okay, at first I said that I will make the update news or synopsis link, or something like that in my blog, but in the fact I can’t do that, and the worst thing is I am not watching missing you like what did I plan. Then, I wanna make some posts about coboy junior again, because I like them, they are cute, have a good voice, and good looking.

So, I decide that I will make some posts about those topics again. I’m sure with I Miss You and Coboy Junior, but I’m not sure about Emir Mahira and Reply 1997, you guys know that this drama had done. So emm, a little difficult to find “something” about this topic. Love in Paris? Honestly, I am not watching it again. It turns to be a usual Indonesian drama!

In this post, I want to share the link where you can check out about I Miss You. You can go to Kutudrama. And because of this drama will end, maybe from now I will share about new drama, School 2013.

But, If I could, I wanna post about the preview and so on.

About Coboy Junior? Emm, I thought I can share their concert video last week right?




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