Busy! Okay, I know that holiday is closer. But why my business increases?! Feel so stress, and bad :/ Next saturday, I will receive my report book, I’m afraid that my value becomes worst than before. My heart like can’t stop beating hahaha. Huaaa, I will be exploding! 😦 TT_TT.

Next month, our school organization will hold two events. The space time between those isn’t long, just 3 days. The bad thing is the first event (for my school birthday) will be held one day after I arrive in Semarang from Bali. And..I should arrange..The fund. Sponsor. Donor.

Ah ya, than talking about something that makes me in badmood, I think it is better to talk about my favorite songs this week for your recommendation. I’m loving these songs:

1000 Years, Always By Your Side – SHINee

The World Where You Exist – SHINee

Stay Girls – SNSD

Return – Lee Seung Gi

Please don’t laugh when you read this. I’m interested with Princess Hours -_- So late.I hate the king! How can a father supports the other than his son?! So unfair.


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