It’s Over!

My final test had finished! I’m soooooo happy~ Well, I am not really sure about some of my tests, but yeah let’s see later about the result. I did not do the best for this time, I hope I can increase my spirit again 🙂 The main problem is I feel tired of running to reach something. :/

Okay, I am gonna tell you, that I am not watching I Miss You hahahaha. How bad. I’m looking for something like Nice Guy, anyone can give me recommendation? And, I have some wish lists :

1. Buy my lovely facial wash

2. Buy facial powder (what brand?)

3. Buy lip gloss or lip tint

4. Buy lip balm (this is seriously driving me crazy)

5. Buy cute note, pen, and so on

Ah ya, have I told you about my lip balm-story? Someone broke my lip balm! My cute baby lips 😦

They thought that my lip balm was a GLUE. In that time I just em..shocked, I didn’t know, I wanna laugh, angry, and hahaha.

I want to buy baby lips again, but should I buy berry-flavor again -,- I’m gonna try orange or cherry :p

I have some quotes again, sorry not a spirit-maker quotes, but, yeah just check.

Di sini dikhianati. Di sana tidak dihargai.

Aku merasa marah, kecewa, dan sedih. Tapi kepada siapa aku harus menumpahkannya?


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