Stress, Frustration, Happy.

So many businesses this week. :(. This is what I was looking for, but this makes me become so tired ><. Next week, I will have 1st term test for 9 days. Umm, hahaha who isn’t sad :p I think most of students feel sad, I guarantee. Also, as OSIS member, we have so lots of event, the newer event after test is 1st class meeting. I hope it will go smoothly with no problem. Amin. Not just such things above, I have a project too 🙂 I do a research with my friend, it is very fun. But still, sometimes I am getting bored of that. Another thing is I feel so sad cause I can’t manage my time well. I should leave an activity to do the another activity. I am still learning yeah.

The first day of test, Math and Bio will be our subjects! This is for RSBI test, I mean we have to do 2 test (in english and indonesia). My friends and I seldom feel that studying isn’t important, but suddenly we can change our mind. How strange :s I pray and hope, I can do my test better, get the best score, and beside that I wish for 2nd term I do everything better than now! It is a must!

Hahahaha, do you know? I am in an unstable condition. I often ask my friends, what is their mind about me? Who am I? Am I a good people or not. Have I done something that makes everyone feels happy? Those questions are always dancing on my mind.

And for this special (confused) I’m tired of this. They don’t appreciate me and others. But I just lose that thought, I am trying for always positive thinking. Now I don’t care what will they do, and maybe they work until feel tired, but I can still laughing and feel happy with my friends. It is an advantage, right?

-Now, I am trying to make everyone around me feels happy everytime-

-I don’t want until I make them disappointed-

-This makes me happier than before, and everyone can say hi to you because of your kindness, a very great thing, rite?-

-Always trying my best for my life-

Kiss and hug from me. Thanks for reading my post. See ya!



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