Annyeong readers! Well, have cut my hair this morning 🙂 This is the shortest hair cut that I’ve ever tried since I was kid. But me quite satisfied with the result, it makes me look fresher. Actually, I wanna cut my hair shorter like a boy hair cut, but in fact myself doesn’t that brave ><. Okay, I still should do that next time! Hahahaha. Jasmine is so unstable, sometimes she wants short hair, but sometimes when she looks the other girl makes braid, she wants long hair. Cmiiiw :3. On April I cut my hair so short, until most of my friends got surprise. But this time, it is shorter, I dunno how is their reaction. Just waiting for tomorrow.

My facial wash had done a month ago. This is a facial wash from my doctor, because I have sensitive face. I think I can use the other facial wash, so I tried JF Sulfur, yeah I have no acne when I was using it, but my face became so dry and made me sad. Now, I’m trying to use Hada Labo Gokujyun, very phenomenal product form Japan that produced in Indonesia now. Because so many good reviews, I decided to use it, but emm for now it breaks my face out. I have been using it for 3 days. Just look for a week, still causes break out or not, if still, it means I have to buy my facial wash from my doctor.

Next week I will do my 1st term test, I pray I can get better score for my subjects, so I will do better and harder. Bye 🙂


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