Whoops~Love in Paris

Seriously this drama gets my attention very much. For the first 2 weeks, it was going so well and I thought that it was really a different indonesian drama. Because I’m so impressed with the plot! The plot went so fast and it was like emm what I call -_-“. There was no complicated plot, it really just told about the main cast with some addition story between supporting cast, and the special point was they focused on the main cast, their acting is awesome, the very first indonesian drama that can make me crying.

But, a few days ago, the plot told that Yasmin comes back to Indonesia and emmm both male main cast accompany her! TT_TT. How does it feel~ Pheew :3, and one by one, the casts come back to Indonesia, okay Paris scene is over 😐

I am disappointed. No. Not with the setting (whether it’s Paris or Indonesia) but with the plot! It is starting to be a very slow plot! Hahahaha. The special thing of indonesian drama! Like emm Aqila doesn’t know that Yasmin is her twin. And always there are lots of thing happen when Aqila wants to check who is her twin. Bzz 😦 And you know Reno gets sick! Of course, Yasmin doesn’t know. Mihiihihi x)

By this article I just want SCTV to make LIP as a very special drama again. Don’t try to make the episode longer x[ because it just will lose the viewers. I suggest to make new drama in new setting. You know four seasons novel which takes setting in Tokyo, Seoul, London, and Paris? I think after this they can make new drama which still has a connected thing in new setting. Nevertheless, I still think that this is the best I-Drama ever.

-Faza J.-

Kiss from me :*


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