My Favorite Songs This Week

Bonjour amis!! Aa, I am sorry with my new language, if there is a wrong sentence 🙂 ce sont mes chansons préférées cette semaine, vérifier cela :)) Of course I am not that pro, I just know bonjour, merci, and excusez-moi. Google translate helps me so much :3

1) Japan Ballad Song from Girls’ Generation : All My Love is For You

2)Indonesian Ballad Song from Sammy Simorangkir : Dia

3)Korean Ballad Song from 15& : I Dream

4)King 2 Hearts OST : First Love

5)King 2 Hearts OST : Closer

6)Korean Ballad Song from Urban Zakapa : Same Love Same Farewell

7)SHINee : Run Me

Check those out, baby gurls~~~~ I know most of them are BALLAD. Cmiwwww. I am big fan of Ballad!

BANA I have happy news for you 🙂 B1A4 will release third mini album “Tried to Walk” . They had released some teasers. I will post it soon.


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