Japan Pop (日本ポップ) ! かわいい and イージーリスニング。 私はそれを愛する。

JPOP! Whoaaaa, I am now in love with japan songs….xoxoxo. But it doesn’t mean that I will forget KPOP. Here is  my story.

A few weeks ago, I watched “Show Imah” (I am not sure that this is the exact title). And, for that show, Vierra was the guest star and talked about plagiarism, and they showed “Daybreak” MV by Ayumi Hamasaki. Because I am kind of people that love what I hear for the first time, so I immediately downloaded it. I love her voice and the melody of the song! So easy listening and great! What a right choice for you “love” lovers. LOL.

I downloaded it and yeah I didn’t choose a wrong thing. I listen to this song until 10 times (or more) a day. From I wake up until go to bed. What a crazy activity. Then, I started to download the another songs, and I admit her voice is so great and makes you say WOW!
I recommend you who are looking for japan pop songs, here is the list (Ayumi Hamasaki):



Together When


Blue Bird
-I am still looking for the another songs, all genres-


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