1st Teaser Missing You (Updated)

Suyeon     : Coming… Not coming… Coming… Not coming…
Jungwoo  : I’m Han Jungwoo, 15 years old

15 years old, heart trembling first love… Han Jungwoo.

Suyeon     : Jungwoo, Han Jungwoo
Jungwoo  : Do you perhaps know Lee Suyeon?
Jungwoo  : Why are you always like this? Don’t you pretend not knowing me? Just go away quickly!
Suyeon     : Just pretend that you don’t know me

A love like hide-and-seek… Lee Suyeon
Suyeon     : Coming… Not coming…
Jungwoo  : Found you. I won’t pretend that I don’t know you anymore. Lee Suyeon, Lee Suyeon, the daughter of a murderer, Lee Suyeon, let’s be friends.

November, searching for the missed love



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