kyaaaa……………..really really one of the best drama that i’ve watched!!!!!!!!!

Carrotblossom Patch

My heaaaaart huuuurrrtsssss.  Waaaaaaaiiillllll~~  Sniffle sniffle.  Aaaaauuuuggghhhh.

I was stumbling all over myself this morning to scour the Korean search engines for Answer Me 1997 news, and I literally cackled  in glee (yes, I gots meself a great cackle) as soon as the episode finished downloading.  (Thank you SO MUCH, semi-fly, for ALL of your awesomeamaztasticness!!!!)  I devoured the episode and went screaming all around the house as I busily got ready to head out for the day.  It’s hard stuff, you know, hopping in and out of the shower and pulling on clothes and slapping on makeup, all while keeping one eye on the TV.  Sigh.  Wish I were a guy at times like these.

But yes, I was SO EXCITED for the episode, and I was SO EXCITED to put up the recap and share in the madness with y’all.  And then…  I sat down to write……

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