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Carrotblossom Patch

SO.  GOOD.  For seriously.

Turns out today’s episode was only ~45-50 minutes sans commercials, not an hour and a half as we were led to believe, but it was absolutely maaahvelous.  Lookin’ forward to the big finale next week!

[Update] Ratings hit another high with an average 4.17% and peak 5.52%!!  Those are some serious numbers for a cable show, besting even some main broadcast programs.  Yeee for 1997 love! 😀

Episode 15: While You Were In Love…

July 2005, Seoul: Oooh, lookin’ sexy, Yoon Yoon-jae.  Yoon-jae sits down in his office and finds a stack of papers on his desk: “Top A Level List”.  Hahahahaa!  Looks like someone has compiled a list of marriageable women for our hotshot judge.  It’s not uncommon in Korea, especially for high-rollers, to get married via blind dates/introductions from ‘matchmakers’.  It’s not quite what you see in Disney’s Mulan (though I do love that…

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