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Carrotblossom Patch

Omg omg omg omg … Ok I need to breathe…


*pinkblossom butts into whitecarrot’s dazed mumblings


Joon-hee: Yoon-jae said he likes you, too…

Yoon-jae: Hyung, the truth is —

Tae-woong: You like Shi-won, don’t you?  You’re the younger sibling I love most in the world…  But I will not give up a woman for you.

Yoon-jae: Hyung, I won’t give up either.  I can’t give up Shi-won.

pinkblossom screams in the background.  What, you can’t hear it in the video clip?



우연한 계기로 시원(정은지)을 향한 윤제(서인국)의 마음을 알게된 태웅(송종호).
하지만 태웅은 윤제에게 좋아하는 여자만은 포기할 수 없다고 단언하고,
윤제는 형과 시원 사이에서 고민에 빠진다.
한편, 시원이 담당한 방송프로그램에 초청된 게스트의 급작스런 불참통보로 모두 발을 동동거리는 상황에서,
해결사처럼 한 사람이 등장하는데…


Tae-woong accidentally (by chance) learns of Yoon-jae’s feelings for Shi-won, but he firmly tells Yoon-jae that he cannot give up the woman he likes.  Yoon-jae thus falls…

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