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As we did last week, whitecarrot and I will share our thoughts on these episodes in a separate post.  Episode 14’s recap will be up soon!  Thanks for all your patience and for sharing this special journey with us.

Episode 13: “Next Time… No, Now”

2005, Seoul: Yoon-jae is on the phone with Joon-hee, making his excuses for their high school reunion.  Turns out Yoon-jae has never once met up with his high school class since graduating, and though he claims it’s because he doesn’t want to awkwardly refuse personal favors, one wonders if a *cough cough* girl named Sung Shi-won is the real reason.  A senior colleague (from his alma mater) recognizes him and introduces his friend, a fellow lawyer (in the private sphere).  The friend apparently knows everything about Yoon-jae: his older brother is Yoon Tae-woong, the man who donated all of his shares of his uber successful…

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