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Episodes 13+14 hit a series ratings high with 3.7% average and 4.7% peak rating.  Yaay for lots of love for this special show.

As we did last week, whitecarrot and I will share our thoughts on these episodes in a separate post.  Thanks for all your patience and for sharing this special journey with us.


Episode 14: “The Heart Orders One to Love”

Sung-jae is busy at work, despite it being so early in the morning, and it looks like he’s been visiting/checking in on the grandma we met in Episode 13.  Awwww, you big ol’ softy.  Hak-chan and Yoo-jung drop by on their way to a hiking date to ask for directions.  These two are so lovey-dovey it’s almost – aaaalmost – nauseating.  Hahahaaha.

Tae-woong the workaholic can’t let go of the reins, even in a hospital bed.  Joon-hee chides him and expertly sticks him with a drip…

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