Lip Balm

Why do I choose that title ? Honestly, it is because I have so many lip balm and lip gloss -_-. There are 5 kinds of those stuff bzz. My very first lip balm (or whatever) was Oriflame Lip Spa Therapy, I bought that around a year ago, when I was still in 3rd years of JHS. The second one is Nivea Lovely Lips in Natural Pink. Lip Ice Color in Rosy Kiss became my third lip gloss :*. And, the fourth one is Oriflame Tender Care Chocolate Protecting Lip Balm (Limited Edition) :). The last one is Maybelline Baby Lips in Anti Oxidant Berry! Love them all so much :*.

This is my latest lip balm


The picture is in bad quality, I’m sorry. But I will upgrade it ! Until now, I haven’t opened my maybelline, lol. From my experience, I love Nivea so much, it is quite pricey for student, the cost is around IDR 30.000, but you will not regret it ! So moisturize and give your lips lovely pink color :). The second lip balm that I choose is Oriflame Tender Care, the smell is good, chocolate ! When you are using it, you want to bite your lips, so delicious hahaha. I will post a review about my lip balms, see you on my next post.


I’ve used my Baby Lips and I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it so damn much! The scent is so yummy & sweet and makes you want to eat it, because it is really like the scent of fruit lol. I am really in love with this product, Baby Lips has no heavy and sticky feeling. It  feels so soft and moisturizing. I am surprised with this fact because most of moisturizing lip balm has heavy and sticky feeling, and make my lips become dry and chapped. Baby Lips is totally light and has sweet scent that I love so much, beside that it is last quite long. My lovely lip balm ever! You should try this. Totally recommended ❤


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