Dream High 2

Dream High 2! I ever said that I don’t like DH2 because I think it is not as interesting as DH1. But now, DH2 is airing in Indosiar. And, I am watching that, yaa even though not as awesome as DH1, the love story is more interesting, lol. RiAn, JB, Hye Sung, and Yoo Jin can take my interest. If the story of DH1 is how to reach our dream, and it tells us that the main characters can get their dream as what they want, DH2 tells us about if we can’t reach our first dream, there is still the other dream, and maybe that is our real skill. Like Hae Sung that can’t become singer, but she becomes a song writer, then JB that can’t be a dancer again because his leg fractures.

Because DH2 I love Se7en’s song, When I Can’t Sing! Emm, makes me so sad TT_TT. But Dream High 1 is more more more awesome than Dream High 2!


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