After A Long Time

Whataaaaa! I’m back #aish…………… I am a little busy lol, be in second years of  senior high school is fun, I think. Get new class, new friends, and new teacher….also emm new subjects! so many -_-! yaaa, although it isn’t not as many as when I am in first years. But meet physics, biology, chemistry, and mathematics for 4 times a week is very annoying and disgusting :&, and you know when I got the schedule for this semester, I didn’t believe that! ya so do my friends kkkkk.

Beside studying, this month I try to join osis selection, there are so many tests! yaaah I’m tired but so fun so far, can meet my friend from first years, can learn so many things, and can get many experiences. Although I’ve to use so many attribute like co-card, with colorful ropes, and tie my hair with colorful ribbons, red, yellow, blue, and purple –“. Aah ya and for my third test, we had to utilize fund from osis, that IDR 50.000. And I decided to sell “es buah”. Osis divided us to 7 groups, each group consists 12 people, we got IDR 75.000 as our profit…..yeah *..* This is myself photo O_o……….I am so sorry if you emmm……very surprise……I wear grey loose t-shirt.

Hahahahaha so funny, right -_- and good news!!!! My holiday have come, exciteeeed…… What will I do, dunno, seriously no plan. Wish me luck for my osis selection *wishemot* byeeee 🙂


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