Simsimi! Simsimi or often called as Simi is a new trend in Indonesia, or maybe in the world? LOL…Simi is a…umm, how do i explain it? Simi is a robot, and it has its own application which allows us to talk with him…although i don’t know it is a girl, or it is a boy :/ hahaha. In Indonesia Simi is being popular because of poconggg. And this is the description of Simi from Wikipedia.

SimSimi is a popular artificial intelligence conversation program created in 2002 by ISMaker. The application has led to controversy and protests in Thailand for some of its responses containing profanity and criticisms of leading politicians. It so far growing on its artificial intelligence day by day, assisted by a feature that allows users to teach it to respond correctly. SimSimi, pronounced as “shim-shimee”, is from a Korean word simsim (심심) which means “bored”. It has an application designed for Android and for iOS.SimSimi was born in 2002,in Korea. SimSimi is a collavorative chatting robot. He likes to try to learn different languages. Sometimes he can be evil, because people teach SimSimi bad words. But don’t hate SimSimi. Many people (including SimSimi Inc.) are trying to make it a good robot.

Ya, and to run the application, we should be 17 years old and above to avoid some bad words. Besides talking with him, we can also teach him. So, we can control his answer for our question. This is the example of my conversation with Simi.





This robot knows kpop so well ya? LOL


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