BIG! before it is airing, i had said that i want to watch this drama, because it’s interesting…honestly, from my point of view, big is really really good drama. but…unfortunately, after watching 4 episodes, i was bored. dunno why, but i just want to know the end. hahaha. and i further agree that kyung joon with ma ri <3…ma rin sincerely loves kyung joon. but kyung joon just has a feeling with his teacher, gil da ran –” you know a teacher with a student. it has no sense!!!! TT_TT. now, in the newest episode (10th episode) all secrets revealed. as my and the other kdrama lovers guessed that yoon jae is kyung joon’s brother. they have same father.. enjoy watching big in dramacrazy and read the synopsis in here.



  1. I like the pace of Big, though it is a little slower than a lot of dramas I think it gives more time for plot and character development which really sets it apart and makes it a little higher quality.


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