I’m Back

im back~~~not 100% back…im very busy this week, but today, my lovely saturday, finally i have free time…LOL……….im very busy because my test havent finished yet :/, but no problem because next monday is my test last day, yeah…………..im very stress because my test is almost 2 weeks fiuh..um but fortunately i still can know kpop and kdrama updates hehe…. for you who loves TMTETS must be happy because it is airing on indosiar now haha, and for you who are fans of jung il woo, i think you are so excited, as jung il woo acts in 2 dramas that airing on indosiar haha…

in june, there are so many dramas airing in korea, and all of them are good , i think. and because of that, im confused what drama will i see :(….so many interesting, talented, and great casts that i like xoxo….jaejoong acts on time slip dr.jin, airing on saturday and sunday…..i want to watch this..then there is one drama which attracted my attention, since there are so many kdrama lovers whoare interesting with this drama,….BIG…….gong yoo, lee min jung, suzy, and jang hee jin act here..after that arang also makes me interested..

um, wait for my next post 🙂

i’m not a dreamer, but i’m a leader.



  1. I have watched the first 2 episodes of Big and it is AMAZING so far. I watch Kdramas all the time and I have not watched one in a long time that sucked me in this much!! I wrote a review and synopsis of the first episode on my blog if you want to read it, but I would definitely recommend Big for sure!! I also recently finished watching Love Rain and haven’t gotten to writing up a review about ti yet, but if you like the sweet, endearing, heart felt dramas it is a good one.


    1. hi! thanks for visiting and following my blog :), ya i have considered to watch love rain, but i decided to watch rooftop prince..dunno why love rain wasn’t too interesting for me xoxo. have you watched rooftop prince? wow, its amazing, and has a good plot! what do you think about that?


      1. Love Rain was more of just a sweet, romantic drama, not too much action or plot twists or humor really. I liked it because it was so sweet, but it definitely doesn’t make my top 10 list lol. Yes, I recently watched Rooftop Price and absolutely loved it!! It was one of my favorite dramas ever!! It really did have a great plot, but I didn’te realize how complicated it was until I was trying to summarize it for my blog lol.

      2. you make a synopsis too? wow 😮 , i prefer to share the synopsis link than to write hehe….after reading your opinion about love rain, i’m really curious, maybe this holiday i’m going to watch it :D, ah and i had watched BIG yesterday, its so funny x)

  2. I just enjoy writing, that’s the only reason why I do it. Love Rain was worth a watch if you’re feeling sentimental. It would be good when you are feeling particularly girly or emotional lol. Big is SO funny. Gong Yoo’s facial expressions alone are priceless lol. They are also doing such a good job of keeping it interesting. It’s not predictable like other dramas. Even when you think you might have it figured out they show the next episode and throw in an unexpected twist that makes you change your mind. It’s driving me crazy in a good way lol.


  3. Big makes me crazyyyy……………i like Ma Ri and Kyung Joon couple or Ma Ri and Choong Shik? lol……but im not willing Kyung Joo and Da Ran 😦


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