so disappointed

im so disappointed bcus cant go to SS4INA, yah although im the real ELF bcus i dont like super junior too much. but as kpop addict, i just feel that ive to watch this 😦 i dont go there bcus it isnt on holiday and there is no my family that like kpop 😦 so its difficult for the transportation and the ticket doesnt sale online…fufufu…

padahal gue udah nunggu SS4INA dari kemaren kemaren haha, yah tapi semua bergantung pada niat sih…but i get confuse with people that just follow kpop wave without know who is suju actually, im confuse bcus i think they will get bored to watch this show bcus they dont know anything and the lyric, and im not sure if they know the member’s name hahahaha. but its just my opinion friend. and happy watching SS4INA ::::::))


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